The Last Shall be First and the First Last

The Last Shall be First and the First Last

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In Matthew 20:1-16 Jesus gave us this story of the landowner who had a vineyard. By telling us this story Jesus was describing to us God’s way in the Kingdom of Heaven. The story ends with some of the workers grumbling at the landowners generosity towards the ones he hired towards the end of the day. These workers felt the landowner was not being fair with them in comparison to the others. Have you ever felt God’s way towards you isn’t fair?

Perhaps you have been the first in your family, or community, or the Holy Spirit began a work through you, and then later on others were added and it seemed were given more credit then you?
Perhaps it seems you do all the heavy lifting of the work and others are getting a free ride?

Israel also felt unfairly treated by God. In Ezekiel 18 & 33, they accused God for not being just or fair with them in how He said He would treat each one according to their own ways, and no more cause the children to suffer for their parent’s sins.
Still today it seems many of God’s children deal with this feeling that God somehow is not being fair with them.
Perhaps because of some weakness they struggle with or be setting sins they have a hard time overcoming, or just the life they have been dealt, it’s very easy to put the blame on their parents, or former Church leaders, or their background.

This can easily turn into an excuse for sin, and cause us to blame God’s way in our life as unfair.

Jesus was describing to us God’s gerousity to those whom He calls at the last hour.
But just like these men, our eyes can become evil with envy, jealousy, and we can begin to covet the gifts and ministry of those fellow workers around us.
To be saved from this evil, we must repent of our own way and thoughts and allow the Lord Jesus to teach us the way of life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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