Take Heed How You Hear

Take Heed How You Hear

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In Matthew 13, Mark 4, & Luke 8 we read the parable of the sower. Jesus spoke of 4 responses to the Word of God. How we hear the Word of God, determines our response to it.

Adam was afraid of God’s voice, because he had sinned and was naked before the Lord. His fear caused him to try to hide himself from God, but his response to God’s Word was to blame his wife for his sin.

Cain was consumed with jealousy against his brother and when the Word of God came to him warning him of Sin, he didn’t take it seriously. Afterwards he tried to excuse his sin but responding with indifference toward God’s Word, saying, “Am I my brother’s keeper”? Then when God’s Word judged his sin, he complained, saying it was too hard.

Noah was living in a very sinful world, but walked with God in such a way, that when God’s word came to him to build an ark, he immediately obeyed. His walk with God before this test came, was what prepared him to receive the Word of God that saved him and his family. We live in a evil world similar to Noah’s time. The Ark is a type of the church, the only thing that will remain after this world passes away. Our every day walk of obedience to the Holy Spirit is our salvation from the judgement that is to come.
When we hear the Word of Christ, and we take it seriously. He will teach us how to build each other up in the Church, fulfilling His Word in our lives.

Speaker: Phil Lapp

A servant of Jesus Christ and fellow worker in the Kingdom of God. Husband to Katie, father of our sweet son Christian, ( who has gone to be with Jesus ). A loved child of God with a burning heart, called to be an Elder at RLCF and a preacher of the Gospel.

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