Speak Lord, Thy Servant is Listening

Speak Lord, Thy Servant is Listening

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When the Holy Spirit speaks Truth into our minds and hearts it comes in the size of a mustard seed. If we neglect it, we are being robbed of Christ’s love to us.
His love is a jealous love that separates us from all other things, even His gifts to us. He is intent on building an eternal relationship with us, that is rooted and grounded in His marriage covenant with His bride.
Our response to the Word of Christ can be like that of Eli or like Samuel.
Eli heard God’s Word of warning and exhortation concerning the sin of His sons, as they ministered of God’s work in the tabernacle. But Eli’ s soft response toward sin brought God’s righteous judgement in his life.
Samuel however, though still a young man, took God’s Word seriously, and God used him to minister the Word of God to Israel and build a holy nation again.
Let’s be as Samuel towards the Word of Christ, the Holy Spirit speaks to us and not take sin lightly as Eli did, lest our own children become as Eli’ s sons. 1 Samuel 1-4

Speaker: Phil Lapp

A servant of Jesus Christ and fellow worker in the Kingdom of God. Husband to Katie, father of our sweet son Christian, ( who has gone to be with Jesus ). A loved child of God with a burning heart, called to be an Elder at RLCF and a preacher of the Gospel.