Little Faith, that Walks on Water

Little Faith, that Walks on Water

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There are many experiences in life that Jesus intentionally brings us into with Him.
In Matthew 14:22-36 we see one if these principles of life that Jesus brought His disciples into an experience with Him to strengthen their faith and draw them into a worship of Him as the Son of God.

Vs 22 “He made the disciples go into the boat, and go ahead of Him to the other side,”

The Lord often will lead us into a circumstance of life that brings us into a powerful storm to test our faith in Him.
In the midst if the storm, as we are rowing hard to survive, the Lord walks by, and if we call out to Him, He invites us to be as He is in this world.
When Peter had just a little faith, enough to not only call out to Jesus, but to invite himself into the power of Christ, Jesus said “Come”.

This little faith gave Peter an experience of Jesus’ power in his life, that was unlike anything he had experienced with Jesus before this.

The cry for help, the walk of faith in the storm towards Jesus, brought them to a first in their belief in Christ.
Vs 33 says “And those who were in the boat worshipped Him, saying, You are certainly God’s Son!
This is the first time it is recorded in Matthew that the disciples worshipped Jesus and confessed He was the Son of God.

The Lord’s purpose in every storm of our life is to this end. That we believe in Him and worship Him alone.

Speaker: Phil Lapp

A servant of Jesus Christ and fellow worker in the Kingdom of God. Husband to Katie, father of our sweet son Christian, ( who has gone to be with Jesus ). A loved child of God with a burning heart, called to be an Elder at RLCF and a preacher of the Gospel.