Humility in Serving God

Humility in Serving God


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As God uses you in His kingdom, always walk in humility:

1. Report back to Jesus
When the disciples returned from doing a tremendous work, they reported directly to Jesus. Perhaps they expected some commendation from Him, but at least they did the right thing in coming to Him, rather than going to Man.

2. Seclude yourself often
Jesus seclusion came at His own inconvenience (Matthew 14:13,23)

3. Recognize your constant need of the Father
How desperately would you cry if you had never sinned? This is what it means to have godly fear like Jesus had (Hebrews 5:7). Death comes in when we grow tired of being told what to do. This is how the highest archangel became the Devil (Isaiah 14:14). Jesus cried out to be saved from this death, and because He humbled Himself lower than everyone else (by always doing only what the Father told Him to do), He is exalted to the highest place (Philippians 2:5-11).

Speaker: Santosh Poonen

\"\"Santosh Poonen is a disciple of Jesus. He and his wife Meghan have six children, and live in Loveland, Colorado, USA. Santosh is the son of Zac and Annie Poonen. He works in the IT industry and is an elder at RLCF.