Learning Humilty In The Kingdom Of Heaven From Infants

Learning Humilty In The Kingdom Of Heaven From Infants

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Matthew 18:1-4: these are amazing verses considering that in verse 4 Jesus declares that the greatest
person in God’s kingdom is the one who humbles himself/herself as a child (an infant/babe- see Luke
18:15). An earthly man will say that the greatest in God’s kingdom must be the one who does a lot of
work for God or is fruitful in outward ministry, but this isn’t so in God’s design. The one who is fruitful in
ministry may indeed be the greatest in the kingdom of God, but his greatness will not be primarily
because of his work, but the humility with which the work was done. Jesus exhibited this according to
Philippians 4:2-11. Verse 9 declares that God has exalted Christ because of his absolute humility, even to
the point of death (verses 5-8). Having this humility (as babes) is the way to know God’s word and have
revelation of the Father (Matthew 11: 25-27). It is also from such humble hearts (as babes) that God
accepts praise (Matthew 21:16).

Matthew 18:10: angels are declared to be ministers to God’s children (Hebrews 1:14); yet their focus is
not us (the objects of their service) but God, from whom they receive instruction and seek to obey (they
always behold the face of my Father in heaven-Matthew 18:10). We can learn two important things
from this stance by the angels:

I. Angels are never in a haste to do anything except what God has instructed. Psalm 46:10
instructs us to be still. This must be our attitude towards God: we wait to hear His instructions and obey
them; nothing must be done out of our own self-created zeal.

II. Although angels may not fully understand God’s ways and plans (1 Peter 1:12), they have
supreme confidence that God’s ways are just and true. We hear this declaration in Revelations 15:3.
Here also (Revelations 15:4), we see that God’s judgments and designs will be clearly made manifest to
all. The angels are fully assured of this, we can learn this even now. In all circumstances we can settle it
in our hearts that God is always good and His ways are always right.

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