Free Without Offense: Part 1

Free Without Offense: Part 1

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In Matt 17:24-27 we read how Jesus responded to a situation of potential offense with those who collected the temple tax.
Jesus’ carefulness to not bring offense in the little elementary things of life established His authority to speak God’s Word into people’s lives that did bring offense.
However, Jesus always did this in obedience to His Father, and never out of His own ambition. John 7:16-18

Psalm 119:165 tells us those who love God’s law, have great peace and nothing offends them or causes them to stumble.
Colossians 3:12-17 tells us to “Let the peace of God rule in your hearts..God’s peace is not passive but rules and governs our hearts, if we submit to Him.

Many offense come from a heart that is offended at God and Christ’s Words of correction, discipline, and love in their lives.

1 Peter 2 gives us a recipe for a heart that nothing can offend.

Vs 1-3 sets our attitude towards God as “newborn” babes. A complete dependence on God and the ministry of Christ in my life.

Vs 4-8 tells us it is through believing in Him, that we are not disappointed in Him. Our faith will either make Christ and His Word to us a corner stone or a rock of offense, that will either become a permanent foundation we build our life of obedience upon, or through our disobedience become a constant stumbling block that cause us to fall.
Vs 9-12 speaks to our identity in Christ for the purpose of proclaiming Him through Words and our behaviour to a world that is slandering us as evildoers.

Vs 13-20 encouraged us to have an attitude if submission, respect, and honor for those earthly authorities the Lord has placed into our lives.

Vs 21 – 24 sets Christ Himself as our example so that we follow in His steps.
And in so doing, He (Christ) becomes the Shepherd and guardian of our souls.
We once may have lived a life that continually strayed away and He needed to bring back, but now He is able to keep us from stumbling, and becoming offended in Him.