Faith In A Generous God

Faith In A Generous God

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In Matthew 20:1-16 We read of two groups of workers in the Kingdom of Heaven.
#1. The first group was hired for a predetermined wage.
#2. The second group of workers worked in the vineyard in faith.

The first group of Christians are those who come to Christ for a reward. Their dealings with God are based upon a rewards system. They obey the Holy Spirit expecting the Lord to reward them for their labors by giving them some desire of their heart.
When they see the Lord be generous with others who, it seems, didn’t sacrifice nearly as much as they have for Christ, it produces an attitude of grumbling and complaining into our lives which turns into an evil heart of envy covetousness.
The alternative is to live by faith. This is the one ingredient the second group of workers had with the landowner, that differentiated them from the hirelings.
They trusted the landowner to be fair, even though he never promised a wage amount, only promising to be fair with them. These experienced His generosity and goodness.
There are two men in the Bible whose life attitude towards God exemplify this difference.
David expresses God’s goodness continually throughout his life. Even in the years of fleeing from Saul, years of war with Israel’s enemies, years of trouble in His own family, he still believed God was good to him.
Though others close to him, like Joab, in 2 Samuel 19:7 viewed David’s life as full of much trouble, David’s reflection on his life in 2 Samuel 22 & 23 and in 1 Chronicles 29 caused him to praise the Lord for all His goodness to him, and prompted David to give his with all his ability to building God’s house.
Even though God had told him he wasn’t to build it, still in the face of being denied this work himself, he supported this work in every way he could.
In 2 Kings 14:23-27 We read that Jonah was a prophet in the land of Israel shortly after the death of Elisha.
Perhaps he envied Elisha’s ministry and wanted to be a kind of prophet that prophesied of God’s judgement and seen it come to pass.
In Jonah 4 he argues with God about this and becomes angry with God’s compassion and mercy to the people of Nineveh.
Does God’s goodness and generosity with others provoke you to become angry and envious of them?
Do you believe God’s way with your life is good and proclaim His goodness even in the times of trouble and trials?
Dear brothers and sisters, let’s believe in God’s continual goodness over our lives so we can truly from our hearts obey the Word in Philippians 2:14-16

Speaker: Phil Lapp