Asking With Wrong Motives

Asking With Wrong Motives

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Matthew 16:1-12

As human beings we so easily become untrusting (Matthew 16:8-10). In the mess that is a result of your own sin or carelessness (Matthew 15:32), remember that: Jesus does not criticize you; Jesus has compassion for you; Jesus has a compulsion to help you.

The Pharisees & Sadducees wielded much earthly authority. They were characterized by: false life / hypocrisy (Luke 12:1) and false teaching (Acts 23:8). If you seek God only for what you’ll get from Him, deep down you are serving Mammon (James 4:4). Paul, in describing His journey out of legalism, shows us that it can only happen through Jesus become the only thing to us, and everything else becoming rubbish (Philippians 3:3-11).

Speaker: Santosh Poonen

Santosh Poonen is a disciple of Jesus; a husband & father; and an elder at RLCF. He is passionate about Jesus and His Church.