4 Ways to Lose Your Inheritance

4 Ways to Lose Your Inheritance

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Let’s talk a walk through the 19th Chapter of Matthew..
There are four basic areas of our life that Jesus speaks into.
#1 In Vs 8 He tells us why Moses allowed a Husband to divorce his wife.
#2 In Vs 13-14 we read how the disciples hindered the children from coming to Jesus.
#3. In Vs 23-24 We read how we can be outdone by a camel.
#4. Vs 27-30 We read how we can lose our inheritance.

The world calls this reverse phycology, but it is really just looking at a truth from the other side of it.

#1 Vs 8 Jesus said it was because of the hardness of their hearts, that Moses allowed them to divorce their wives.
This hardness can creep into our lives through procrastination. When we delay obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit and put it off until a more convenient time, it slowly hardens our hearts, bit by bit.
Then our hearts can be carried away through lusting after other things.
James 4:1-4 tells us that friendship with the world is hostility towards God.
The world is full of things that compete for our affections, and when we allow anything to overcome the Love of Christ and the Love of our spouse it is called adultery.

#2 Malachi 4:6 God tells us He will restore the hearts of the father’s to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest He comes and smites the earth with a curse.
When a child doesn’t have his father’s heart, it can hinder them from coming to Christ.
This is how we can curse our children by hindering them from coming to Christ, by allowing other loves of this world to draw our hearts away from them.

#3 Most Christians would probably deny that they love money. But it is proven in our life when the Holy Spirit asks us to give some part of it up to follow Christ.
The litmus test is found in Hebrews 13:5 in being content with what we have. If we procrastinate our obedience to the Holy Spirit by saying, once we have arrived at a certain financial goal, then we will follow through on this or that..then we know we live money more than Christ.

#4 To gain our eternal inheritance Jesus said in Vs 29 we must have left some earthly love. Whether it’s a family relationship or some material possession, Jesus ask us to love Him more than these. Matthew 10:37
So dear beloved child of God; allow the Holy Spirit to lead you on this walk through Matthew 19, the Word becoming flesh in your life and you will behold His glory! John1:14

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