Not Troubled with Doubts

by . D.L. Moody

 (from ‘Moody’s Stories: Anecdotes, Incidents and Illustrations’)

One of the happiest men I ever knew was a man in Dundee, Scotland, who had fallen and broken his back when he was a boy of fifteen. He had lain on his bed for about forty years, and could not be moved without a good deal of pain. Probably not a day had passed in all those years without acute suffering. But day after day the grace of God had been granted to him, and when I was in his chamber it seemed as if I was as near heaven as I could get on earth. I can imagine that when the angels passed over Dundee, they had to stop there to get refreshed.

When I saw him, I thought he must be beyond the reach of the tempter, and I asked him: “Doesn’t Satan ever tempt you to doubt God, and to think that He is a hard Master?”

“Oh, yes,” he said, “he does try to tempt me. I lie here and see my old schoolmates driving along in their carriages, and Satan says: ‘If God is so good, why does He keep you here all these years? You might have been a rich man, riding in your own carriage.’ Then I see a man who was young when I was walk by in perfect health, and Satan whispers: ‘If God loved you, couldn’t He have kept you from breaking your back?'”

“What do you do when Satan tempts you?”

“Ah, I just take him to Calvary, and I show him Christ, and I point out those wounds in His hands and feet and side, and say, ‘Doesn’t He love me?’ and the fact is, he got such a scare there eighteen hundred years ago that he cannot stand it; he leaves me every time.”

That bedridden saint had not much trouble with doubts; he was too full of the grace of God.

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