Knowing Jesus


by Andrew Murray

Their eyes were opened, and they knew him – Luke 24:31

It is very possible to have Jesus Himself with you and not to know it. It is very possible to listen to all the truth about Jesus, and even to preach about it, and yet not to know Him.

This fact has made a deep impression on me.

That was the case of the disciples who met Jesus on the road to Emmaus after He was resurrected. Their hearts burned within them as they talked with Him about all the events of His crucifixion and the reports of His resurrection. These disciples spent a very blessed time with Jesus, but if they had gone away before He revealed Himself that evening, they never would have been sure that it was Jesus, for they had been prevented from recognizing Him.

This, I am sorry to say, is the condition of a great number of people in the Church of Christ. They know that Christ has risen from the dead. They believe in Him; they frequently have blessed experiences that come from the risen Christ. Very often, at a Bible conference or in a time of silent Bible reading or when God gives His grace to them in a special way, their hearts burn. Yet, it can be said of many Christians, whose hearts are burning within them, that they do not know it is Jesus Himself who is with them.

If you were to ask me what great blessing we should seek from God, my answer would be this: Not only should we think about Jesus Himself and speak about Him and believe in Him, but we should come to the point at which the disciples in the text arrived: “They knew him”. Everything is to be found in that.

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