In the Beginning God…


by Watchman Nee

The abiding principle of all true Christian work is: “In the beginning God” (Genesis 1:1).

Every new spiritual experience begins with an acceptance, by faith, of what God has already done. God is waiting for you to cease doing! And once you have done this, He will begin.

The operation of His life through us is truly spontaneous. It is without our own efforts. The all-important rule is not to try, but to trust; not to depend on our own strength, but on His.

Nothing is so blessed as when our outward efforts cease and our attitudes become unforced, when our words, our prayers, and our very lives all become spontaneous and sincere expressions of the life of Christ within us.

Too many Christians have all the doctrine but live lives that are a contradiction of it.

All work that is going to be effective must be conceived by God. If we plan the work and then ask God to bless it, we need not expect God to commit himself to it.
“God’s name is not a rubber stamp to authorize work that is ours in conception.”

True, there may be blessing upon such work, but it will only be partial, not full. There can be no “in His name” on it; alas, there will be only our name.

God never asks us to do anything that we can do. He asks us to live a life that we can never live and to do a work that we can never do. Oh, how Christians need to see this Truth!

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