Elders’ Letter to the Church Family – March 14, 2020

Dear church family,

We hope you all are doing well. During this time when some public activities — schools, gatherings of over 250 people, etc. — have been temporarily suspended in Colorado, we elders have been seeking the Lord for guidance regarding our church family gatherings. As things stand today, we believe we should continue to have our Sunday meetings at RLCF. If, however, you are feeling even slightly ill, or are at all hesitant about coming to the meeting, please feel free to stay home and join us online (rlcf.tv) in a prayerful spirit of unity.

That said, we are making a few temporary changes to reduce the risk of spreading sickness within the family:

  1. Even though our physical interactions are limited during the actual meetings, please exercise greater care by avoiding unnecessary physical contact, washing your hands regularly, etc.
  2. We will cancel our lunch fellowship times for now, since we are more prone to exposure during those times.
  3. The rest of our Sunday morning schedule will stay the same — prayer at 10:00am and the main meeting at 10:30am, but we will end our gathering after the time of sharing (around 12:30pm).
  4. We will have Sunday School classes during the meeting as usual, but are requesting the teachers to help the children maintain hygiene through washing their hands before and after class, avoiding physical interactions among the children, etc.
  5. We will continue to have our Wednesday Brothers-only and Sisters-only meetings as scheduled, and will assess the situation regarding our Family Bible Studies prior to the next scheduled one in April.
  6. We have canceled our next home prayer meeting which was scheduled for next Friday the 20th.
  7. Our plans to host the Men’s Conference on April 24th-26th (rlcf.us/mc20reg) are still in place, trusting that things will improve by then. If this changes, we will post an announcement to that effect.

We want to be faithful to the mission that God has given us to encourage each other, especially at a time like this (Hebrews 3:13, 10:25). We reject the spirit of fear, but also believe that the Spirit whom God has given us is of discernment (II Timothy 1:7). Meanwhile, we continue to seek Him for direction, and will keep you all updated if any other changes are necessary.

Please read again this timely reminder from brother Zac. Let’s remember that our Father has laid upon Himself the protection of us, His treasured children, and is faithful to complete the work of sanctifying us — spirit, soul, and body (I Thessalonians 5:23-24).

If any of you are in any need at all, please, please reach out to the church family, or if you prefer to do it privately, to us elders. We are here to help.

God is still on the throne!

In Christ’s love and service,

Ajay, Olu, Santosh
March 14, 2020

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