Anointed Music Can Bring the Spirit of Prophecy in a Church

praise_congregationby Zac Poonen

I want to show you something about prophetic ministry. In 2 Kings 3:15, when Elisha wanted to seek the mind of God so that he could prophesy, he asked for someone to play a harp. As the musician began to play, the hand of the Lord came upon Elisha and he prophesied powerfully. There we see the value of godly music.

I can think of numerous times in my own life when during a time of worship and praise on Sunday mornings the hand of the Lord has come upon me and given me a word that I did not have when I came to the meeting. There was a power in that anointed music that brought the spirit of prophecy upon Elisha.

Even a prophet needs help at times from the musicians. That’s why those who lead the music must be anointed. They must not be just good musicians. They must be anointed and have a good conscience. David appointed singers and musicians, and they had to be anointed. Some of the music-leaders like Asaph wrote twelve wonderful psalms (Psalms 50, 73-83). Two of the music-leaders were called seers (prophets) – Heman (1 Chr.25:5) and Jeduthun (2 Chr.35:15).

So God needs anointed musicians to encourage and support anointed prophets. That’s how the church is built. Some of you may not be called to be prophets; you may be called to be musicians. Be anointed musicians.

I don’t think Elisha would have been inspired that day if the harpist had tried to imitate some worldly style of music. No. There was something heavenly about that music. There is music that is worldly and that which is heavenly. You can sense it when music is heavenly, because it will lift your spirit to worship God. Some music only makes you admire the musicians! You are an anointed musician if you can lead people to worship God and can bring the spirit of prophecy into a meeting.

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