Andy Schrock

schrockIn Loving Memory

Andy Schrock


As I lay here in the silence, my thoughts go to the memories we made, the laughter, in my mind, was such a special kind, oh, and how I long to hear it once again!

You took my hand and we went walking out together, to kick the ball in the warm and sunny weather, or ride your bike down the drive, and watch the tadpoles swim and hide, Oh what a joy to see the smile, in your eyes.
Now that you’re home in heaven, in my heart much thought is given, to the time that will come, when I’ll be welcomed home, by your laughter ringing in that place divine.

You’ll take my hand, and we’ll go walking out together, we’ll see the crystal sparkling of that glorious river, we’ll praise our Savior for His grace that has brought us to this place, Oh, what a joy to see the smile on your face.

-Your Mommy